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Enhance leadership skills and foster team growth with powerful coaching skills for supervisors workshops, and advanced program options for experienced in-house coaches.

  • Coaching Skills for Supervisors

    Supervisors are increasingly expected to take a coaching style – through performance reviews, exit interviews, and engagement surveys the world over, we know that a ‘coaching’ approach is most in demand from direct reports and teams. This puts a lot of pressure on supervisors to broaden their management style and approach. They’re expected to drive collaboration; delegate as a means to develop and stretch staff; listen more in order to deeply engage their teams; and be experts in giving constructive feedback to guide professional growth and performance. It takes skill, practice, and intent for supervisors to be able to deliver a coaching style through their management approach.

  • We work with Supervisors to maintain a rigorous focus on goals and performance results, while broadening their management style to fully maximise their staff's development. Our Coaching Skills for Supervisors program can be tailored to include workshops, shadow exercises, personal 1:1 coaching, readings and digital learning through the BOLDLY platform.

  • Transformative Supervisor Workshops: Crafting Competent Leaders

    In today's dynamic workplace, the role of supervisors transcends traditional boundaries, demanding a blend of coach, mentor, and leader. Our cutting-edge supervisor workshops focus on this transition, fortifying foundational leadership capabilities while introducing fresh, effective strategies. Through these interactive sessions, supervisors delve into advanced communication techniques, mastering the art of motivational leadership. They learn to navigate diverse team dynamics, fostering an atmosphere of respect, creativity, and collective problem-solving. Every workshop is tailored, reflecting our commitment to aligning with the unique culture and objectives of each organisation. We concentrate on practical, applicable skills, from conflict resolution to strategic decision-making, ensuring supervisors are equipped not only to manage but to inspire. With our supervisor workshops, the metamorphosis from manager to visionary leader is not just a goal; it becomes an attainable reality. By nurturing these key influencers in your workforce, you invest in a thriving, resonant organisational future. Contact us to embark on this transformative journey.

  • Revolutionising Leadership: Supervisor Coaching Training

    In organisational growth, investing in supervisor coaching training is a strategic move that yields extensive long-term benefits. Specialised coaching equips supervisors with refined leadership techniques, directly influencing team efficacy, employee satisfaction, and overall workplace harmony. Our supervisor coaching training is an immersive experience designed to address the distinct challenges supervisors encounter. By honing conflict resolution skills, decision-making, and transformative leadership strategies, supervisors evolve to lead with empathy, agility, and foresight. This evolution is critical in industries where rapid change is the norm, and adaptability is a survival trait. Moreover, a trained supervisor becomes a catalyst for employee growth, encouraging a culture of continuous learning and mutual respect. This positive shift not only enhances daily operations but also solidifies the company's standing as a desirable place to work, attracting top-tier talent. Opting for our comprehensive, nuanced training programs is a testament to your commitment to excellence, directly impacting your bottom line and corporate legacy.
  • Corporate Impact: Supervisor Leadership Training Programs

    Forging a robust workforce hinges significantly on effective leadership at the supervisory level. Supervisor leadership training serves as a crucible for essential leadership qualities, moulding supervisors into figures of guidance, stability, and inspiration. Such programs are instrumental in developing vital competencies like articulate communication, strategic decision-making, and the profound ability to motivate teams. By delving into these skill sets, supervisors learn to nurture a supportive environment where employees feel valued, heard, and motivated, profoundly increasing engagement and retention. Furthermore, leadership training fortifies supervisors with the resilience and adaptability required to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape, ensuring they are formidable assets during periods of uncertainty and change. Enhanced leadership at the supervisory level translates into a workforce that’s more aligned, inspired, and driven, propelling a ripple effect of positivity throughout the company hierarchy. The repercussions are extensive: heightened productivity, improved morale, and a substantial uptick in overall company performance. Investing in supervisor leadership training is, unequivocally, investing in the company's future success.
  • Program Journey

  • Case Study

    Enhanced Leadership Through Supervisor Coaching Training

    Discover the benefits of our coaching skills for supervisors workshops, designed to elevate leadership coaching style and unlock the full potential of teams across your whole business. In this case study you will learn how our program has made a lasting impact on participants and the teams and organisations around them.

    “I can really see how I’m using these coaching skills when I manage my staff now. I think all of my management team should be taking on these coaching skills - it’s changed the way I approach my team, especially the high performers.” Regional Director

    Managing PerformanceThe Need
    The client wanted to build a coaching culture across their diversified portfolio of brands and across several geographies. They already used external coaches, and wanted to develop an internal capability for supervisors to use a coaching style in their day-to-day team conversations. Being that the company is a conglomerate with several different brands, cultures, and geographies, they needed a training format that could be delivered with impact online, to cohorts of managers on an ongoing yearly basis.
    Managing PerformanceThe Solution
    BOLDLY's Coaching Skills for Supervisors Program was rolled out to 150 managers globally in year 1, and 200 managers in year 2 of the initiative. Now in its 6th year we have trained over 1000 managers and supervisors in addition to several other parallel coaching culture initiatives, building a pool of aligned alumni across the organisation. Coaching skills workshops were complemented with bestpoke video materials unique to this coaching culture, as well as observed coaching shadow sessions for practical feedback to supervisors. Considering the size and scope of this initiative, BOLDLY runs monthly tracking reporting and quarterly insights for the client, and has continued to gain a 100% recommendation rating from participants, asked if they would recommend this program to a colleagues internally.
    Managing PerformanceThe Insight
    Through our continuous improvement and reporting from this program, we’ve been able to gather the following insights. Supervisors see the greatest impact of this program on their ability to:
    1. Establish Trust and Rapport With Direct Reports: Effective coaching skills help supervisors build trust and rapport with their team members. By actively listening, demonstrating empathy, and providing support, supervisors create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their challenges, goals, and aspirations. This trust and rapport foster open communication, making it easier for supervisors to address performance issues constructively.
    2. Effectively Set Goals: Coaching skills enable supervisors to engage in collaborative goal setting with their team members. Rather than simply dictating goals, supervisors can involve employees in the process, ensuring alignment with individual aspirations and organisational objectives. Through effective questioning and active listening, supervisors can help employees set meaningful, achievable goals that inspire motivation and drive performance.
    3. Driving a Team Culture of Continuous Feedback and Development: Coaching skills equip supervisors with the ability to provide regular and constructive feedback to their team members. They can engage in ongoing conversations that highlight strengths, address areas for improvement, and offer guidance for professional development. By focusing on growth and improvement, supervisors create a culture of continuous learning and support performance improvement within the team.
    4. Impacting Staff Engagement and Tapping Into Motivation: Coaching skills enhance employee engagement and motivation. Through effective coaching conversations, supervisors can understand employees' individual motivators, align their work with their strengths and interests, and provide opportunities for growth. By showing genuine interest and investing in their development, supervisors foster a sense of ownership, commitment, and motivation within the team.
    Managing PerformanceThe Result
    100% of the managers who participated would recommend it to a peer! This outstanding NPS was substantiated by a 12-month + follow-up survey showing that 65% of managers felt they were using their coaching skills, and 12% wanted to progress to the advanced workshop.

    BOLDLY has undertaken several improvements to the program for this client, ensuring the year-on-year success continues and has an impact across the learning and performance culture as a whole.

    Supervisors are using BOLDLY’s coaching skills program to build the skills they need to establish trust, engage in collaborative goal setting, provide continuous feedback, support performance improvement, enhance employee engagement, resolve conflicts, and foster employee retention and development. By incorporating coaching skills into their performance management approach, the supervisors across this company can effectively lead and inspire their teams to achieve higher levels of performance and success.