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  • What Is Coaching?

    Coaching is an opportunity for personalized development. Our BOLDLY coached work with your staff to define their skills, goals and career aspirations, and co-create a plan to achieve them. ''Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is more often helping them to learn rather than teaching them.'' ~ John Whitmore, author and founder of the GROW model of coaching, Coaching for Performance, 2010

  • Benefits of professional career coaching

    Engaging your employees with a BOLDLY coach fosters powerful professional development. Coaching is an effective way to nurture staff career growth, enhance workplace performance and provide targeted leadership development. BOLDLY ensures consistency of coaching outcomes globally through our key service moments. Here are the coaching models we deliver to your business:

    1:1 Coaching

    Traditionally, coaching was saved for the C-suite, but now we have evidence of the impact of coaching for staff at all levels of the organisation. Coaching empowers staff to make lasting, positive change in their work performance and life outside work. Coaching is a highly successful technique for individualised development, supporting goal attainment, engagement and personal satisfaction for employees, which in turn impacts business results. Our 1:1 coaching offering means just that - one coach and one coachee working together through regular dialogue and structured coaching conversations to bring about new ways of thinking, and help the coachee unlock their personal potential. Assessment is often considered the starting point for coaching, as it provides an ‘outside-in’ perspective which can be valuable as the coachee sets their development goals. We can work with you to design the right assessment approach, case by case.

    My coach nails it, and I look forward to have following up sessions with her.
    ~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback
  • Group & Team Coaching

    Team coaching focuses on the relationships between team members, their communication and ways of working, and the psychological safety that exists between them. A coach can work with a team to understand their professional objectives, bring light to any conflicts, and use frameworks and models to move through them, towards team effectiveness. Separately, group coaching is when a coach works together with a small cohort of like-minded people - for example parents, or first time managers. These individuals are not in a team, and are not connected to each other's performance, but they’re having a similar experience. They come together for coaching as their needs cross over, and they can benefit from hearing each other's approach to certain challenges, and all work together on tailored materials shared by the coach. In both situations, a BOLDLY coach can work with your team or group on a maximum 1:6 ratio, with one coach for every six employees, to ensure all staff get a personal experience through coaching.

    We saw our slate of shortlisted coaches quickly - they matched our needs and we knew they were all qualified, so we were able to make a very efficient selection
    ~ BOLDLY User, NPS feedback
  • On-Demand Coaching

    On-demand coaching is our early-careers solution, where clients give ‘credits’ to their staff each year for coaching. These coaching sessions can be used any time, on 24 hours notice, for online coaching. Usually the coachee won’t get the same coach twice. The credits are typically used for more tactical ‘laser’ coaching, where the coachee has a specific question related to performance review or a boss relationship or an upcoming piece of work they need another perspective on. Our on-demand coaches are trained to get straight to the heart of a development issue, and support the coachee with immediate, actionable steps. This is a great model for getting the power of coaching across the whole organization!

  • Case Study:

    Through our work with organisations globally, BOLDLY implements a variety of coaching solutions, touching individual lives, and the business as a whole. Here’s some feedback from a coachee we’ve worked with, as well as a view of how we collaborate with their company to build a border coaching culture.

    "It was a really great experience, I can understand why coaching sessions are highly recommended. We were able to walk through some of my questions and come up with concrete actions afterwards which I really like. I haven't experienced this yet with any other coaching sessions thus far in the programme so I really appreciated this type of coaching style."
    - ParticipantCoachingFormatsPage.caseStudyAltTextEnquire