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Why Do Supervisors Need Coaching Skills?

March 1, 2023

Posted by BOLDLY

Last Updated: November 30, 2023

As mid-level leaders of organisations, supervisors serve a vital role in making sure that their teams are productive, clearly aligned to objectives, and happy. Supervisors need to have strong coaching skills to ensure their staff are equipped to perform and engaged in spending their discretionary effort for the company. Their key role is to develop their teams’ skills on the job, and coaching is the best method for doing this. Leadership coaching skills allow supervisors to effectively communicate with their teams, better motivate them, and facilitate relationship building for effective collaboration with partners and other teams. In this blog, we'll explore why supervisors need coaching skills, the benefits they can reap from developing their questioning skills, and the different types of coaching skills they should focus on acquiring.

Why Are Coaching Skills Necessary for Supervisors?

Coaching skills are indispensable for supervisors, empowering them to lead effectively and cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration within their teams. These skills enable supervisors to not only guide but also inspire their staff, fostering an environment where problem-solving and skill development happen organically. Properly used in the right contexts, such as performance enhancement and growth readiness, coaching skills allow supervisors to facilitate both on-the-job learning and deeper one-on-one developmental conversations. By understanding individual team member needs, supervisors can craft personalised career development plans, leading to highly efficient teams that are equipped to achieve their utmost potential and contribute significantly to the organisation’s success.

What Are the Benefits of Coaching for Supervisors?

Leaders who undertake a coaching skills for supervisors workshop are expected to be able to return to their teams and reap the following benefits:

Purposeful, Enhanced Team Dynamics

Coaching skills help supervisors create an environment of trust, participation and teamwork. The open dialogue of coaching conversations allows leaders to understand the context behind each team member’s complexities and use this knowledge to positively influence their performance and work experience, as well as the whole team.

Greater Understanding of Individual Staff Needs

Coaching allows supervisors to better understand their employees' individual needs and motivations, enabling them to co-create tailored plans for career success for each person. When every team member’s needs are met, and their importance to the whole is highlighted, they become motivated to perform and ultimately improve the company’s overall performance.

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Increased Staff Performance

By providing constructive feedback, setting realistic goals for employees and creating a supportive work environment, supervisors can help their team members reach their maximum performance potential. Instead of focusing on weaknesses and correcting them, employees will be guided to be the best version of their professional selves through strengths-based coaching techniques.

Enhanced Leadership Capability

Coaching skills give supervisors the ability to guide and motivate their teams, allowing them to lead confidently and enjoy their roles more fully. The more confident a supervisor is, the more their team members will trust them and the more they can deliver results. This breeds mutual respect across a team and gives a platform from which a leader can fulfil their objectives and develop their own satisfaction in the role.

What Skills Do Coaching Supervisors Need?

There are a lot of coaching skills that a leader can develop. Some of the following skills can be developed through workshops and also through 1:1 coaching for the leaders themselves:

Active Listening

Active listening enables leaders to truly grasp their team's needs and motivations, involving keen attention to the speaker's words, body language, and emotions. It requires interjecting with questions and providing feedback to ensure complete understanding and that all viewpoints are acknowledged.

Goal Setting

Effective goal setting is crucial for supervisors, focusing on setting realistic and measurable short-term and long-term objectives. It's about creating clear timelines and support mechanisms to guide teams towards achieving these goals.

Advanced Communication

Advanced communication is pivotal for supervisors to offer clear, nuanced feedback and address development areas constructively. It involves being mindful of non-verbal cues and fostering an open, respectful dialogue within the team.

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Maintaining Personal Motivation

Keeping personal motivation high is essential for supervisors to inspire and uplift team morale. It involves understanding personal and team motivators, acknowledging efforts, and fostering a collaborative, solution-focused work environment.


Empathy is key for supervisors to understand their team's perspective. It involves recognising when to empathise and when to guide the conversation forward, balancing understanding with actionable solutions.

How Are Coaching Skills Developed in Supervisors?

Coaching skills are developed in supervisors through a combination of workshop education, experience on the job, and dedicated personal growth through reflection, feedback, and being on the receiving end of coaching too! Supervisors should take the time to learn about coaching techniques and how they can be used to help their team reach their goals. Additionally, they should invest in professional development opportunities that allow them to practise their leadership and communication skills.

Finally, supervisors should strive to develop an understanding of themselves so that they can more effectively empathise with their team and foster an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.

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