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Fast-Track Success with First-Time Manager Workshops

  • First Time Manager Training Program.

    Stepping into a management role for the first time can be both exciting and challenging. Our First-Time Manager Workshops are designed to equip your staff with the essential tools and strategies to transform them from a novice to a competent manager. Through this program, we enable the transition of your managers into their new responsibilities. Pair these workshops with coaching from vetted BOLDLY coaches to develop world class managers in your organisation!

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  • New Manager Mastery: Transformative Management Training

    Unlock the potential of your leaders with management training for new managers, a catalyst for innovation, effective leadership, and an ingrained culture of progress. Witness as they evolve, steering teams with confidence and strategic insight.

    “Ever since our managers started BOLDLY's program, we've seen a remarkable uptick in team productivity and morale." - Client

  • The BOLDLY First-Time Managers Program: A Coaching Approach

    BOLDLY’s comprehensive First-Time Manager program offers resources and support for budding managers in your organisation. The program can be adapted to your business needs, covering:

    Managing Performance

    Managing Performance:

    Effective strategies to monitor, assess, and improve team performance.

    Goal Setting

    Goal Setting:

    The art of setting clear, achievable goals, aligning individual efforts with organisational objectives.



    Prioritise tasks effectively, ensuring optimal productivity and efficient time management.



    Delegate tasks strategically, ensuring workloads are balanced and team members are engaged.

    Effective Meetings

    Effective Meetings:

    Conducting productive meetings that foster collaborative decision-making and problem-solving.

    Managing Up

    Managing Up:

    Techniques to manage relationships with superiors, facilitating better communication and understanding.

    Talent Planning

    Talent Planning:

    Gaininsights into identifying and nurturing talent within your team.

    Situational Leadership

    Situational Leadership:

    Understand how to adapt styles to manage different situations and individuals, promoting a flexible and responsive management approach.

    Impact of Mindset

    Impact of Mindset:

    Explore how mindset can influence leadership style and team dynamics, and learn strategies to cultivate a growth mindset.

    Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence:

    Enable new managers to understand and manage their emotions and those of their team members more effectively.

    Our First-Time Manager Program is designed not just to impart knowledge, but also to provide ongoing support as your new managers navigate their new roles. We offer the convenience of face to face and remote sessions with a selection from a shortlist of 3 Coaches to facilitate.

    So what are you waiting for? Build the management team your company needs with BOLDLY’s help.

  • The First-Time Managers Program Journey: Understanding the Timeline

    Invest in your team's growth with BOLDLY's First-Time Managers Program designed specifically for managers finding their feet with their new responsibilities. Our structured program aims to mould your employees into effective leaders.

    Start Building a Stronger Management Team

    Weekly OR Fortnightly 2-Hour Workshops

    Equip your team with essential leadership skills through interactive and engaging workshops conducted every week, OR every second week. Delivery format is flexible according to your business schedule.

    Optional 1:1 Career Coaching

    Offer your employees the option of personalised coaching sessions, addressing their unique concerns and facilitating their managerial growth.

    Peer Mentoring

    Foster a culture of shared learning with our peer mentoring initiative, encouraging exchange of experiences and insights.

    On-the-job Projects

    Ensure your managers are transferring their work back onto the job, through reflective practice, feedback, and structured exercises in their workplace.

  • Case Study

    The Impact of First-Time Management Development Programs and Its Impact on Your Business

    See how our programs for First Time Managers were able to enhance both managerial confidence and management skills across the APAC region of this client’s management team.

    “Our facilitator had a clear coaching style - she is a native Korean speaker, and was really able to connect with the participants and their unique management context. The content is clear and was delivered well ahead of the workshops. Our managers have been putting the skills to work.”- HR Director

    Managing PerformanceThe Need
    The client was a German provider of sample and assay technologies for molecular diagnostics, applied testing, and academic and pharmaceutical research.

    They have invested in management development initiatives out of the German headquarters and required a partner to enhance and contextualise these programs to the APAC management group.

    The client sought BOLDLYour Lanterne Rouge as a facilitation and coaching partner, due to our experience in the development of first-time managers.
    Managing PerformanceThe Insight
    The first-time managers in this organisation played a unique and critical role in the company's success for two main reasons:
    1. Leadership Pipeline in Asia Pacific:The organisation relied heavily on managers and leaders moving to APAC from Germany, however based on the success and growth of the region this wouldn’t be sustainable. Investing in the management skills of local domestic talent was critical to building a strong leadership bench for the company's long-term growth and stability.
    2. Employee Engagement and Retention: The business had experienced higher than industry standards of turnover in the 12 months prior to this training intervention. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to leave their jobs due to poor management rather than dissatisfaction with the organization itself. The first-time managers of this organisation were targeted for strategic learning investment to ensure strong management skills could play a role in creating a positive work culture, support their team members' growth, and increase employee engagement and retention rates.

    Our hands-on Development Needs Analysis (DNA) approach which we conducted prior to kick-off demonstrated some common challenges faced by the first cohort of participants:
    1. Skill Transition: Moving from an individual contributor role to a managerial position requires a significant shift in skills. First-time managers may struggle with delegation, prioritisation, decision-making, and managing conflicts. Acquiring and adapting to these new skills can be challenging, especially without proper guidance and training.
    2. Role Ambiguity: First-time managers often find themselves in a role that lacks clear boundaries. They may have to balance their previous responsibilities with their new managerial duties, leading to ambiguity and conflicting expectations. Clarifying their roles and providing support in navigating these complexities is crucial.
    3. People Management: Managing a team and dealing with various personalities, conflicts, and performance issues can be overwhelming for first-time managers. They may lack experience in providing feedback, coaching, and resolving conflicts effectively. Learning how to navigate interpersonal dynamics and develop strong people management skills can be a steep learning curve.
    4. Increased Responsibility and Pressure: First-time managers often experience increased pressure to perform, meet targets, and deliver results. The transition from being solely responsible for their own work to being accountable for a team's performance can be stressful. Building resilience and learning to handle the increased responsibility is essential for their success.
    Managing PerformanceThe Solution
    This collaboration included content redesign, adaptation of existing programs and LMS content, and facilitation of live and digital workshops to first-time managers across Asia Pacific. The program was delivered in-person in several hubs. BOLDLY built out significant digital resources and learning journey collateral to customise this program for the APAC market.

    We delivered courses on the ground in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, in addition to several series of digital courses on:
    • Delegation
    • Lateral leadership
    • Coaching skills
    • Problem-solving
    • Effective team building
    • Strengths-based approaches to management
    • Managing effective meetings
    • Management role analysis
    • Managing up

    In addition to the 6 month training program, we ran parallel group-coaching sessions for individual participants to break out into smaller groups for facilitated peer discussion. This approach reinforced the content being discussed in the program, and gave participants the opportunity to build relationships and networks with peers across the region, which ultimately facilitates information flow and collaboration and belonging amongst this managers group. Our BOLDLY coaches are flexible to facilitate content and also coach small groups, bringing continuity to the learning experience.
    Managing PerformanceThe Result
    The client continues to put more than 30 Managers in APAC through the enhanced program per year, ensuring alignment with the German HQ leadership frameworks and culture, while also reflecting the unique needs and experiences of Managers in the APAC context.

    This refreshed content was licensed to the client and now forms part of their ongoing management initiatives.