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Boost your organisation's capabilities, change agility and performance by building a coaching culture with BOLDLY.

  • Building Coaching Culture

    Revolutionise your workplace with the key to sustained success: building a coaching culture. BOLDLY coaches blend technology, governance, and strategic alignment to foster an environment where curiosity and positive intent thrive. Our coaches’ approach not only fuels employee engagement but also catalyses organisational growth and supports broad changes, positioning your human capital strategy on a higher value curve. Begin this transformative journey; lay the foundational stone of a vibrant coaching culture and learning environment today. If you’re looking to achieve the next level of maturity in your coaching initiatives, we deliver real business impact through collaboration with you.

  • We've worked with organisations globally to identify their program goals, introduce metrics and communications plans, align technology and support a governance model such that coaching and mentoring elevate as strategic talent levers. Building a coaching culture is what we’re good at, and we have the case studies to prove it. Our simple process is easily divided into 3 steps - diagnosis of current systems in place, benchmarking against global business standards and creating a proposal that’s tailor made for our clients, their resources, priorities and goals. We create a coaching culture model that’s practical and attainable, so organisations can easily implement changes that will bring about real impact and positive change for these companies.

  • The Culture Coaching Infrastructure

    Our Coaching Culture Solution Inclusions

    Building a coaching culture takes organisations beyond the basics and sets them up for success through continuous learning and change agility. Our culture coaching solution includes:

    • Diagnostic of the current state - Analysing vendors, procurement processes, technology,and coaching models in alignment with business goals.
    • Benchmarking against global best practices and peers - The organisation must be held against internationally accepted standards to determine necessary adjustments.
    • Tailoring proposals of recommended priorities and practical steps - This allows teams to move up the maturity chain in alignment with the revised coaching culture model.

    BOLDLY’s framework enables leaders to create an environment built on trust and transparency between team members. Additionally, the resources tap the potential of existing employees, giving the company a more competitive talent pool, with individuals who are ready to take on the task of helping the company succeed.

  • Business Enablement Through Coaching Culture

    In the contemporary workplace, culture coaching has emerged as a cornerstone for nurturing a professional environment grounded in trust and transparent communication. It acts as a catalyst, not only for individual growth but for fostering a collective sense of belonging and mutual respect within an organisation.

    • Fostering Trust - Culture coaching initiates dialogues that bridge gaps between hierarchical levels, nurturing a foundation of trust.
    • Open Communication - It encourages an environment where ideas are shared freely, bolstering innovation and collective problem-solving.
    • Equitable Environment - By addressing unconscious biases, culture coaching paves the way for diversity and inclusivity, essential for an equitable workplace.

    BOLDLY coaches understand the nuances of these necessities. Through tailored coaching strategies, they can help embed these values into your workplace's core, transforming it into a thriving, equitable space. Begin this integral journey and witness a cultural shift towards consistent organisational success.

  • Case Study

    The Effect of Culture Coaching in Re-training Workplaces for Enhanced Team Performance

    Coaching culture is a holistic and strategic means by which to trigger bigger and wider changes in an organisation. See for yourself how the BOLDLY approach to building coaching culture was able to help this specific company improve their staff and their operations as a whole.

    “The BOLDLY team brought fresh ideas to the table for us. We’ve been using coaching for a long time, but never really brought it together cohesively into a strategy, and didn’t expect to measure the outcomes. The report they produced was actionable, and we’re already implementing several of the recommendations.” Global Head, Talent

    Managing Performance

    The Need

    The client had been using external coaches for several years, but with no formal metrics for measuring ROI. Coaching was demonstrated as a large line item on the P&L, sometimes sitting with HR and sometimes in the business. There was no means to understand the effectiveness of this spend, or how it compared to other development initiatives such as training. The client wanted to consolidate the cost of their coaching, bring it into a consistent procurement and operating model, and ensure the standards of the coaches were benchmarked for ongoing transparency of coaching impact.
    Managing Performance

    The Insight

    Getting a tighter approach to coaching culture was critical for this organization, not only because the spend and quality wasn’t being measured, but also because the business was due to go through several specialized transformations in its key functions, and coaching was seen as a vehicle to deliver this effectively. Measuring the coaching culture within the organization was important at the outset, so we could partner on change-readiness. By running a diagnostic on the current-state coaching culture we were able to:
    1. Assess Effectiveness Of Current Coaching: Measuring the coaching culture allowed us to assess the effectiveness of their coaching initiatives and determine whether they are achieving the desired outcomes.
    2. Identify Development Needs: By understanding the developmental themes across the organisation we were able to form a point of view on change readiness and key skills and competencies gaps to be addressed prior to or in parallel with transformation.
    3. Priming Cultural Transformation: By reading key staff for coaching, we were priming them for the upcoming business transformation. Identifying key influencers in the leadership team and other SME posts allowed us to recommend targeted coaching interventions related to the change about to commence.

    Assessing the coaching culture gave us insights that later helped to drive cultural transformation, and provide feedback for continuous improvement to the business.
    Managing Performance

    The Solution

    BOLDLY reviewed the financial spend versus outcomes of the coaching initiatives, and produced insights for the client regarding return on investment. Several suggestions were raised to impact the outcome of coaching immediately. Through this we were also able to propose three new models for operating the coaching spend within this organization, and collaborated with procurement to design this process in alignment with the company's evolving policies. The models included dispersed, hybrid, and highly centralised coaching operating models, which the client was able to consider in terms of the pros and cons in conjunction with their broader HR transformation model.
    Managing Performance

    The Result

    The client now has visibility of their coaching spend and standards of delivery. They have a clear pathway to mature their coaching culture, including technology and coaching models to be implemented across their coaching pools. All systems and processes have been established to track spend, ROI and coach quality, and consistent vendor agreements have been established for all coach partners globally. BOLDLY conducts a yearly review to ensure the coaching operating model is still fit-for-purpose for the company.