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How Can Executive Coaches Support Wellness Development?

August 26, 2021

Posted by BOLDLY

When companies investigate bringing executive coaches into the fold, the focus is often on professional development. In other words, it's about getting those career milestones in place and moving up or across the corporate ladder. If there's anything the modern challenges of the coronavirus crisis have taught us, mental health and wellness development need to be at the forefront of leadership coaching. Let's take a closer look at how professional coaching can help leaders develop and protect their well-being as well as create extraordinary career journeys.


What is Wellness in the Workplace?

When organizations foster well-being at work, it is excellent for the individual leader and the organization. A win-win situation! What do the benefits of wellness in the workplace look like?


·  Alert and healthy employees have higher productivity levels as well as being more pleasant to work with

·  Less absenteeism due to a reduced need to take time away from work

·  Lower health care costs for the organization

·  Better corporate culture


A leader's ability to grow their own personal wellness has a trickle-down effect on the quality of reporting, KPIs, and company resilience, and studies have shown that an effective transformational leader has a positive impact on employee wellbeing too. How can executive coaches support this positive trend, and proliferate wellness across the business?


Executive Wellness Coaching

We've spoken all about how life coaching and career coaching differ, but what happens when you throw wellness into the mix? Most company wellness programs focus on fitness and other soft wellness targets. An executive wellness coach isn't here to get you to eat your veggies and run on a treadmill. Instead, leadership wellness development coaching will support by:


·  Cultivating Self-Awarenessour keywords are mindfulness and meditation here. No, this doesn't mean everyone bounces off todo yoga together during their lunch hour (unless you want to). Giving your inner thoughts time for self-evaluation creates greater happiness.


·  Increasing Resilience toStress: Sometimes work makes us feel stressed, no matter how outstanding your work/life balance may be. Professional coaching can help reframe work challenges as opportunities instead of threats.


·  Strengthen Decision-MakingSkills: When our wellness and mental health are impacted, our decision-making skills will suffer. Not a great result in high-powered work environments. Clarity is an essential part of good leadership, and fostering focus through coaching creates greater insight.


·  Deepen Work Relationships: Do you enjoy working with a grumpy, high-strung boss? Probably not!When executive coaches create skills for greater wellness leadership, work relationships are positively impacted and can build greater rapport across the organization.


·  Build Confidence: Whenever Sarah has had an executive coaching session, she walks out with the courage of her convictions in tow. We all wish we could leave our feelings of inadequacy at the door and shut down that inner imposter, don't we?


BOLDLY: Enable Your People

Professional career coaching can be one of the most effective ways to help people flourish in their careers. At BOLDLY, we have created a digital platform that gives your leaders access to world-class coaches, when they need them for professional development, transition planning and goal setting. With BOLDLY, your staff gains access to impactful, fully customized development plans for greater wellness, mental health, and self-awareness. After all, happier leadership makes for better career journeys.