ICF certified Coach Robyn Cam shares the importance of coaching is coachee-led and coachee-centric

Coach Spotlight: Coach Robyn

April 12, 2024

Posted by Lisa Singh

Welcome, Coach Robyn, to this week's BOLDLY Coach Spotlight! An ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) who also mentors and assesses other coaches, Robyn's career boasts experience across Health, Education, and Business sectors. Possessing post-graduate qualifications in Business and Adult Education, Coach Robyn brings a nuanced understanding of her clients' environments and the developmental processes involved in learning and unlearning habits and practices. We look forward to hearing your insights!

1) You're currently based in Perth, Australia but have lived in other locations too, which is your favourite and why?

After some careful thought, I have to say Perth. Why? Because I came back!
It’s been a challenge professionally, but the quality of life and beach sunsets are worth it.


2) If you could invite one person to have dinner with who would that be?

My past self. To tell her to trust herself, don’t be scared and that most mistakes can be remedied.


3) How does your unique combination of healthcare expertise, MBA knowledge, and training contribute to your approach to executive coaching?

Great question! It helps me to deeply observe and understand the person I am coaching, their perspective and their learning style. I can provide a holistic overview of wellness and with small, quick personal improvements enhance their resilience, presence and leadership. My business qualifications and experience means I easily align relate to my coachees and truly understand the complexities of the environments in which they lead. Also, I bring evidence-based adult learning strategies that ensure my coachees upskill fast with meaningful, best-practice techniques and resources.


4) How do you tailor your coaching approach to meet the unique needs and challenges of coachees from various industries?

My coaching is always coachee-centred and coachee-led. My coachees share what is important and relevant for them and then we introduce any assessments or techniques. It's more about the individual than the industry. We consider the environment and circumstances the coachee is in then how they may best maneuver or lead within that space. Some industries have more hidden challenges than others, but I believe in supporting the individual to;

  • lead themselves first,
  • know their values, and
  • be the best version of themselves

This applies to all industries and positions.


5) How do you support coachees in overcoming potential biases or barriers they may encounter when transitioning to a new role?

Many of my coachees are in this space. It’s a great opportunity to redesign your professional presence and raise the bar! Again, we consider the situation and the established relationships but with open and transparent communication, sharing your vision and negotiating your expectations with others you can change the narrative for yourself and create stronger relationships.

Also, a 30-60-90 plan for transitioning into a new role is extremely helpful!


6) Can you discuss your approach to coaching executives on decision-making?

Decision-making is important for all of us. For executives, coaching provides a safe space to soundboard their thoughts and concerns before the commitment. Here we will explore the risks involved and how to mitigate those risks safely and ethically. There are techniques we can apply here, such as shifting perspective and reframing. This can help with being more confident with the decision and how best to implement it.


7) Can you share examples of how you help executives build their personal brand?

Ok, so I have a coachee who is an emerging leader and doesn’t have strong upward visibility. We workshopped the 5 As (also known as the 5 Cs) framework for personal branding. This took a few sessions, but we were able to establish an authentic personal brand for him and then develop the language and presence he needed to embody or personify what he wanted. This coachee realised he needed to be more intentional in his messaging and to better self-advocate. It was a beneficial learning experience for him.

I think it is important to acknowledge there will be some cultural and generational differences when developing a personal brand, and a personal brand for a client might change over time or in different situations, so again it must be client-led. Coaching is very good for enhancing the unique and individualistic traits of coachees.


8) How do you help executives develop resilience and adaptability?

Well, firstly the coachee has got to want it! If there is a mindset or attitude blocker, the coachee needs to be aware of this personal saboteur and choose to address it. From there we can move into more practical and tactical solutions. My healthcare, business and adult learning strategies can be useful here too, for example, a big personal event or a health concern may affect a person's ability to persist or focus, which might affect their resilience during challenging times!


9) How do you define a "coaching culture," and why is it important for organizations?

Coaching culture is when everyone turns up with a growth mindset and a curiosity for innovation and being better. A coaching culture includes both a healthy respect for leadership and a safe space to challenge or contribute to leadership. A coaching culture means everyone knows their own goals and are working on their own stretch or next step. A coaching culture ensures people are engaged, productive and connected to the growth and outcomes of the business.


10) Finally, what sets you apart as an executive coach?

I create an alliance with my coachees. Together we set clear goals, find the assessments that are relevant for your awareness and understanding and bring a holistic and strategic approach to all sessions.

Also, I care. I want you to be the best version of yourself. I know it sounds cheesy. But I love coaching because it is all about the coachee and helping them achieve their goals. It really makes me happy to serve. My qualifications and experience indicate I can build up people, I can build businesses and I can build up people within the businesses. Then bring all that perspective and awareness to you and help you navigate forward to your own goals. It is powerful and exciting!

Thank you once more, Coach Robyn, for joining us in this week's featured spotlight at BOLDLY Coach! To schedule your complimentary 30-minute chemistry session with Coach Robyn or to discover the range of services available at BOLDLY, please visit www.boldly.app or reach out to us via email at connect@boldly.app.

About the Author:

Lisa Singh is an Australian, living with her family in the beautiful South Pacific. As Coach Business Partner Lead for BOLDLY, Lisa's team screen and onboard coaches onto our global marketplace, then enable the matching and engagement process so that coaches can do what they do best: deliver exceptional coaching journeys to our coachees. Lisa is a trained nurse, and her role with BOLDLY she loves meeting top coaches and promoting their work for a win:win. Connect with Lisa here:

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