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Foster Diversity and Ensure Success with BOLDLY's Female Leadership Development Programs

  • Aspiring Female Leadership Development Programs - A Pathway to Women's Leadership Excellence

    This program is designed to empower women, equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence to ascend the corporate ladder. BOLDLY takes a unique approach, blending leadership training, workshops, and coaching tailored for women.

    Empowerment Through Leadership Workshops - The aspiring female leaders program features women in leadership workshops, which are specifically designed to empower women. These workshops help women define their purpose and voice, increase self-confidence, and develop leadership skills that can be used in any professional setting.

    Personalised Women's Leadership Coaching - Each participant receives one-on-one coaching sessions aligned to their career goals. This personalised approach ensures that each woman gets the specific support she needs to grow professionally, on top of group workshops.

    Supportive Professional and Personal Network - The aspiring female leaders program fosters a supportive network of like-minded individuals. This network can provide valuable advice, encouragement, and mentorship, which can be instrumental in advancing a woman's career.

    BOLDLY’s Aspiring Female Leaders Program offers numerous benefits for your female staff who are aiming to climb the corporate ladder. It empowers them through women's leadership training and provides practical learning opportunities.

  • Our expert facilitators and community managers ensure the development needs of each leader are met, bringing skills, knowledge, attitudes and attributes of leadership into focus, in partnership with a Coach who has deep experience in the unique pathways of female leaders.

  • Exploring Potential: Leadership Program for Women

    BOLDLY’s Aspiring Female Leaders Program enables a transformative journey designed to empower women in your workforce. Our leadership program comes with a comprehensive suite of workshops focused on key development themes. Our marketplace has a talented pool of vetted coaches who can further improve learnings.

    Personal Brand

    Personal Brand:

    Enable your female staff to cultivate a unique brand that sets them apart.

    Confidence & Self-Talk

    Confidence & Self-Talk

    Boost their self-esteem with constructive self-talk strategies, enhancing their performance and confidence.

    Addressing Bias in the Workplace

    Addressing Bias in the Workplace:

    Equip them with effective strategies to confront and overcome gender bias, fostering an inclusive work environment.

    Critical Feedback

    Critical Feedback:

    Teach them to give and receive feedback effectively, facilitating personal growth and improvement.

    Making Time for Mindfulness

    Making Time for Mindfulness:

    Encourage mindfulness practices to enhance their mental wellbeing and productivity.



    Help them build impactful relationships and expand their professional network.

    Coaching Others

    Coaching Others:

    Develop their leadership potential to inspire, guide, and support others.

    Our Aspiring Female Leaders Program is comprehensive, providing your female employees with an extensive range of resources and support. We offer convenient face to face and remote sessions with a selection from a shortlist of 3 coaches – deeply experienced in different women-specific themes. We also have data based VIA strengths assessment that allows us to curate media content and activities aligned to your organisational needs.

    Create a healthy leadership succession pipeline in your company with BOLDLY’s help.

  • The Aspiring Female Leaders Program Journey: Understanding the Timeline

    Invest in your female employees’ growth with BOLDLY's female leadership coaching and learning designed specifically for women based on our research into the themes typically impacting their career advancement. Our structured program aims to enable and empower your future female leaders to take on leadership opportunities.

    Drive Female Success

    Weekly OR Fortnightly 2-Hour Workshops

    Equip your female employees with essential skills through interactive and engaging workshops conducted every week, or every second week, depending on your organisational schedule.

    Optional 1:1 Supportive Coaching

    Offer your women employees the option of personalised coaching sessions, addressing their unique concerns and facilitating their growth.

    Peer Mentoring

    Foster a culture of shared learning with our peer mentoring initiative, encouraging exchange of experiences and insights.

    On-the-job Projects

    Ensure your aspiring female leaders are transferring their work back onto the job, through reflective practice, feedback, and structured exercises in their workplace.

  • Case Study

    Demonstration of Coaching & Development Programs as an Effective Method in Women’s Leadership Excellence

    Dive into our specialised leadership coaching and workshops approach, crafted exclusively for women and designed to unlock their individual potential. Discover how we were able to enable and advance female leaders with our coaching programs in this case study.

    The client is among the largest global providers of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Their Global Women's Initiative is led annually by senior leaders and championed by the CEO and Executive Group, with the express aim of increasing representation of women in leadership roles by identifying and attracting women to within the client globally; offering career development and skill-building; and ensuring that all women thrive with our client.

    Managing PerformanceThe Need
    The client sought to refresh and relaunch a regional APAC Female Leaders program. This program had been run in the past, however regional facilitation was lead by male coaches, who weren’t well-positioned to establish an affinity with the participant group on this topic. BOLDLY was brought in due to our ability to facilitate and project manage this size of regional engagement with both female and male professionals.

    This initiative spanned all business units across the organisation, and was strategically aimed at identifying and nurturing high-potential female leaders to enable diversity in succession planning. Several Managing Director level female leaders from the business were involved as faculty and group mentors to role model the eadership pathway for participants.
    Managing PerformanceThe Insights
    Through our Development Needs Analysis (DNA) process we were able to uncover the below insights which were used to ensure the development program impacted the needs of the participant group. The key factors our high potential female leaders requested were:
    1. Focus on Gender-specific Issues: the program needed to recognize and address the gender-specific challenges that women often encounter in their leadership roles. By acknowledging and providing strategies to overcome these challenges, the program was required to empower women and highlight their strengths.
    2. Build My Confidence and Empower Me: The women in this program wanted to uncover and embrace their leadership potential. By providing the foundation for confidence and self-belief, the program was aimed at enabling women to overcome barriers and take on leadership roles with conviction.
    3. Cultivating a Leadership Community: Participants wanted opportunities for networking, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning. By creating an environment where women could seek advice, and learn from one another, the program needed to play a role in building their pool of resources.
    Managing PerformanceThe Solution
    BOLDLY designed and facilitated a 3-day live workshop, followed by 3 months of online community based learning, pod-based group coaching, and an aligned mentorship program which lasted for 12 months beyond the program content.

    In particular, the program needed to engage a culturally diverse group of learners from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand. This meant cross-cultural facilitators and coaches were required to bring regional strengths and common communication into play.
    Managing PerformanceThe Result
    The overall programme received strong positive feedback from participants and stakeholders. A 6-month post-programme follow-up demonstrated good follow-through of mentoring relationships and retention of participants. Coachees explained that their expectation that online learning would be less impactful wasn’t correct, as the small pod-based coaching groups and engagement with facilitators and coaches meant these sessions continued to deliver value to the participants once they were back situated in their businesses. The client measured a significant change in their engagement from this cohort year on year, and was able to show two clear cases of succession planning where participants from this program were included for internal promotion.