Building the mentor-mentee relationship

Skills for Effective Mentoring: Trust and relationship building

February 2, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

As a mentor, it’s your fundamental goal to build trust with your mentees. Without trust, the mentor-mentee relationship will go nowhere.

  • Guarantee confidentiality from the get-go. Assure your mentee that your exchanges are secure and confidential, and that nothing will be shared outside the relationship.
  • Be genuine, honest and transparent with your mentee. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Share your career story and the personal journey that got you to where you are. Show them you are just like them, and have gone through a similar stage in your career. 
  • Eliminate fear and intimidation by answering their questions and encouraging them to ask more.
  • Be reliable. Show up for each and every scheduled meeting and be available for your mentee when they need you.

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