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Develop the right corporate mentoring program in parallel to your coaching culture.

  • Mentoring Programs for Organisations.

    Driving a coaching culture can’t be accomplished by making coaching plans and building supervisors coaching skills alone. Organisations have to invest in empowering employees at every level of the network so they can get on board with business changes and take part in propelling the company forward. Mentoring programs can play a part in making this possible, and are particularly powerful when run in alignment with strong coaching and career counselling initiatives. BOLDLY works with companies to design strong mentorship frameworks, to compliment their coaching culture. Here are the advantages of mentoring programs that we have designed and implemented.

    Employee Benefits of a Well-designed Mentoring Program

    Most companies under-invest in the design of their mentoring programs, assuming (wrongly!) that if you just connect people, they’ll find a way to create their own value. Most programs fail to see real results, but when designed properly, employees benefit from:

    • Skill Development: Corporate mentoring programs provide employees with guidance and support to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise in specific areas. If the program can ensure the right match and the right support, then skill development is sustainable.
    • Professional Growth: Through professional mentoring programs, employees gain valuable insights, advice, and feedback from experts, fostering personal growth and self-awareness. If the wrong match or wrong communication surrounds the program, then employees actually feel more disengaged than when the mentoring initiative began - getting the development narrative right is key!
    • Networking and Connections: Mentoring facilitates networking opportunities, allowing employees to expand their professional connections, build relationships, and access new opportunities. A good mentoring program should facilitate genuine connections, not surface level relationships.

    Corporate and Business Benefits

    The company has the most to gain from designing a great mentoring program! Being an employer of choice is about giving staff genuine and sustainable options for development to engage them for their best performance.

    • Organisational Capability Uplift: Company mentoring programs nurture and develop talent within the organisation, equipping employees with the skills and knowledge needed for future leadership roles and to support company change initiatives.
    • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company and contribute positively when they see the right signals from their employer - like a willingness to invest in mentoring. Mentoring programs promote engagement by providing personalised support and fostering a sense of belonging.
    • Succession Planning: By cultivating internal talent through business mentoring programs, organisations can identify and groom potential successors for key roles, ensuring a smooth transition in the future. Mentoring programs, in alignment with workforce planning and leadership development are essential for mapping and developing talent.

  • Understanding the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring Programs

    Strategic Mentoring Programs: Nurturing Excellence at Every Step

    Embed a culture of continuous improvement and professional growth with our innovative mentoring programs. Experience the transformative power of structured learning pathways, skill enhancement, and career elevation within your organisation.

    Enhance Workplace Dynamics with Mentoring Programs

    Elevate workplace satisfaction and retain your best talents with mentoring programs in the workplace. By refocusing goals and aligning them with personal growth, employees resonate with the company’s vision, reducing turnover and fostering a committed workforce.

    Tailored Corporate Mentoring: The Key to Workforce Efficiency

    Our bespoke corporate mentoring programs target critical skill gaps, offering learning initiatives designed for immediate application. Trust in a system focused on unleashing potential and driving innovative thinking for streamlined, efficient workforce operations.

    Flexible Company Mentoring Programs for Holistic Development

    Our mentoring programs, adjustable and responsive, support overall employee well-being and professional growth. This holistic approach ensures a positive impact throughout the company, promoting a balanced, thriving work environment for your teams.

    Business Mentoring: Structuring Success in Competitive Markets

    Engage in a business mentoring program that’s structured for success, providing a sharp competitive edge in today’s market. With expert mentors from BOLDLY, companies gain insight and strategy essential for long-term viability and market dominance.

    Embracing a management development program is essential for a well-oiled, efficient company. These structured learning pathways are not just programs but investments in the future of your company, fostering an environment where excellence is in the fabric of your organisation’s culture. Connect with us at BOLDLY to discover the precise mentoring or coaching solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring long-term success and resilience.

  • We Deliver:
    • Mentor and mentee training workshops
    • Optional audit of your existing program
    • Skills videos to support ongoing learning
    • Handbook full of templates
    • Advisory on ‘what good looks like’
  • 1. Plan

    • Design Principles
    • Governance plans
    • Communication strategy

    2. Set Up

    • Material build/adaption
    • Mentor/mentee attraction & selection
    • Matching & Initiation
    • Participnts training

    3. Launch

    • 1:1 sessions
    • Self assessment
    • Peer networking sessions
    • Workshop series

    4. Manage

    • Mid program check-in sessions with participants
    • Satisfaction monitoring of workshops

    5. End

    • End of program debrief
    • Cohort final events
    • Continuous learning
    • Alumni activities
  • Case Study

    Exploring the Potential of Targeted Mentoring Programs to Achieve Business Growth Goals

    This corporate case study highlights the power of mentoring programs in driving company success, particularly when run in parallel to strategic coaching and career counseling initiatives. Learn how our custom approach to mentoring programs led to significant business growth for one conglomerate, and what our satisfied clients have to say about us.

    “The team were able to guide us through the process of building our own mentoring program, and really helped us set up something we could operate ourselves.” - Talent Management Director

    Managing PerformanceThe Need
    The client had tried mentoring in the past, but found their programs weren't getting traction.

    Leaders and mentees were quick to get on board but showed little follow-through. Mentees were eager to spend quality time withfor Mentors, but lacked the skills to get real, lasting development out of their sessions.
    Managing PerformanceThe Solution
    The BOLDLY team created a framework to design and implement a mentoring program targeted to the company culture and married to its learning agenda and strategic talent pools.

    The solution included skills workshops for both Mentors and Mentees, matching criteria aligned to talent frameworks, video collateral to continuously support and reinforce skills, a mentoring and careers conference to launch the initiative, communications and engagement plan, resources including digital handbook, and ongoing feedback collection and reporting for continuous improvement of the initiative.
    Managing PerformanceThe Insights
    To make mentoring programs powerful and impactful for companies, BOLDLY works on the principles of several key insights. Here’s just some of the things we brought to the table with this conglomerate, which we know are important to building a mentoring program that hits the mark:
    1. Clearly define program goals and expectations: It is crucial for companies to establish clear goals and expectations for their mentoring programs. This sounds simple, but often mentoring is viewed as a ‘nice to have’ and low cost initiative, not effectively defined as a strategic lever for business growth and change. This includes identifying the desired outcomes, defining the roles and responsibilities of Mentors and Mentees, and setting specific program objectives. Clear program guidelines help align participants' efforts and ensure that mentoring relationships are focused and purposeful.
    2. Implement structured matching processes: Effective mentoring programs involve thoughtful and strategic mentor-mentee matching. Research suggests that successful matches consider factors such as mentee's goals, interests, skills, and values, as well as mentor's expertise, experience, and compatibility. Utilizing assessment tools and considering individual preferences can help ensure optimal matches and foster productive mentoring relationships. The more effortful the matching process is, the more likely individuals are to commit to coaching time and follow through.
    3. Provide mentor training and support: As mentioned above, equipping mentors with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources is crucial for program success. Mentor training programs should cover topics such as effective communication, active listening, providing constructive feedback, goal setting, and career development strategies. Ongoing support for mentors, such as access to resources, peer networks, and mentoring program coordinators, helps sustain their engagement and effectiveness.
    4. Foster regular and meaningful interactions: Regular and meaningful interactions between mentors and mentees are essential for building strong mentoring relationships. Research suggests that a combination of face-to-face meetings, virtual communication, and structured activities (e.g., goal-setting sessions, progress reviews) can enhance engagement and maximize the value derived from the mentoring program. If mentors and mentees are left to establish meetings and agendas themselves, they’re less likely to follow through. Companies should encourage consistent communication and provide tools or platforms to facilitate regular interaction.

    By implementing these insights and best practices, as well as some of the other nudge-based initiatives BOLDLY brought to the table, our client was able to create a powerful and impactful mentoring programs that fostered talent development and enhanced employee engagement - two of their main objectives.
    Managing PerformanceThe Result
    The talent team within this conglomerate was able to own and operate a custom-built program that put the responsibility on participants to derive value from their mentoring relationships. The program saw an increase of 43% in sessions year- on- year and a significant improvement in recommendation ratings from both Mentors and Mentees. The program continues to be run 5+ years later, and the BOLDLY team has been involved in several reviews to implement and assess the continuous improvement plan, realigning mentoring to new learning strategies as the business evolves. The mentoring program is now aligned to early careers, strategic high potential talent, and female leaders program, demonstrating sustained impact for the business.