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  • Mentoring Programs for Organisations

    A great mentoring program allows your organisation to tap into internal talent resources for knowledge sharing and culture building. Every great organisation has a mentoring program, but some are better than others! Done poorly, this can become a time and resource sap for your business, and actually demotivates both mentees and mentors. But if done well - the power is huge! Let's work together to amplify learning and knowledge share in your culture with thoughtful design and management of your mentoring initiatives.

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  • We Deliver:
    • Mentor and mentee training workshops
    • Optional audit of your existing program
    • Skills videos to support ongoing learning
    • Handbook full of templates
    • Advisory on ‘what good looks like’
  • Case Study

    “The team were able to guide us through the process of building our own mentoring program, and really helped us set up something we could operate ourselves.” - Talent Management Director