Coach Maria, EMCC President Greece

Coach Spotlight: Coach Maria

March 15, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

This week, we are pleased to feature Coach Maria, President at EMCC Greece, in our BOLDLY Coach Spotlight! Coach Maria holds accreditation as a Senior Practitioner in Coaching & Mentoring from EMCC, and we eagerly anticipate what insights she will bring to our audience. Welcome Coach Maria!

1) You live in beautiful Greece, what's your favorite way to unwind or explore? Do you have any beloved local activities or spots you enjoy frequenting?

I love the nature and I enjoy walking and trekking. When I walk by the sea I feel free and grateful. It re-energises me and gives inspiration. Sitting on a quiet beach especially in spring or autumn helps me reflect and sometimes have my aha moments. New ideas and plans start there!

The gym is an everyday activity that boosts my energy and spirits!

2) Which book have you read lately, that you would recommend to others?

A book I read recently was “Determined” by Robert Sapolsky. He explains how we are determined and at the same time free to create a better world for all of us.

3) How did your transition from a marketing background to coaching come about, and what inspired you to make that shift? How do you leverage your marketing expertise in your coaching practice today?

Marketing is interesting for me because it is creative and strategic. At some point in my career, I realised that people make the difference in everything and decided that I wanted to work more closely with people.

My personal journey in self-development had started when I was in my twenties and I had already discovered and used several methodologies. So, in 2010 I was trained as a Coach and discovered the magic of working with people to support them in walking their own paths with the success and balance.

I work as a full time coach and consultant since 2017. My experience in marketing has equipped me with creativity and organisational skills.

4) You've also worked in the finance industry, given that experience, what unique challenges do you think individuals working in the financial industry face and how do you tailor your coaching approach to address these specific needs and complexities?

The finance industry keeps changing as every other sector does with more advanced technology. The use of technology combined with people’s experiences in leadership create new challenges in the continuously changing context. I work with people to support them in expanding their thinking in a way that they will create their own way to solve problems and achieve their goals. They expand their thinking and this ability stays with them for ever. This is the magic of coaching.

5) For the past two years, you've held the position of President at EMCC Greece, following four years as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. In your opinion, what makes organizations like EMCC so vital in today's professional coaching landscape?

EMCC Global is a regulatory body for Mentoring and Coaching. I work as Mentor and Coach and I have been a Board Member for 4 years and President for 2 years. We need regulatory bodies for professional standards and development. It is important to set standards for our profession so that we make sure that we, as professionals, deliver sessions at the appropriate standards and our clients are protected and feel safe. I abide by our Global Code of Ethics and commit to our Framework of Competencies for the work I do with my clients. Ethics in our work is the key element of quality.

6) Within the coaching field, are there any industries or sectors have you primarily focused on throughout your career?

I come from the automotive and the financing sector and my first client was from that industry. In the last few years that I work with international agencies I have worked with various sectors from technology to pharma, retail, health, services, and others. Each sector has its own characteristics but people have similar needs and wants. I work with the people and focus on each individual and their particular needs and expectations.

7) What unique strategies or approaches do you employ when coaching executives, considering the high-pressure environments they often operate in and their complex leadership responsibilities?

I use the systemic approach together with neurocoaching and combining it with my experience from the business and my knowledge in Neuropsychology. It is important to be able to understand the business context of a person and apply scientific knowledge in supporting their development. I approach every person as a unique human being with empathy and real interest and use my business and neuroscience knowledge to support them in achieving what they truly want.

8) How do you perceive the evolution of coaching culture within organizations, and what do you believe are the key factors that contribute to fostering a thriving coaching culture?

A coaching culture requires acceptance and respect or every person. It is also a matter of sharing knowledge and developing others in a way that everybody benefits from it. So a coaching culture in an organisation should be based in openness and a genuine interest in developing people.

9) Why should a company consider engaging you as a coach? What specific benefits and insights do you offer that can contribute to the professional development and success of their employees and organizational objectives?

I bring experience from the business for about 20 years in various multinational companies and have worked with global teams. As a Coach I have worked with people from various countries and backgrounds and combine my business experience with my knowledge in the human behaviour and Neuropsychology. I focus on each person or team and adapt my style so that they can feel safe. We work together to develop their thinking, abilities, behaviours and beliefs that will make them thrive in their role while maintaining their work life balance and satisfaction at work. The secret is that the change they achieve makes them happier and is sustainable!

10) Lastly, do you have any words of wisdom or a special message you'd like to share with our readers?

Keep building your abilities and skills and focus on your goal. Life will reward you.

Thank you again, Coach Maria, for participating in this week's BOLDLY Coach Spotlight! To book your free 30-minute chemistry session with Coach Maria or to explore the array of services available at BOLDLY, please visit or contact us via email at

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