Coach Larraine shares on what is coaching and how to manage career transitions

Coach Spotlight: Coach Larraine

April 19, 2024

Posted by Lisa Singh

Welcoming to this week's BOLDLY Coach Spotlight- Coach Larraine, a dynamic voice empowering others to find their own voice through workshops, and coaching. With a background spanning recruitment and financial services, she now channels her expertise into helping businesses thrive and individuals excel, all while sharing her insights through various platforms and pursuits around the globe.

1) Coach Larraine, you live in such a vibrant city! What are some of your favorite weekend activities to do in Hong Kong?

Indoor and outdoor jazz concerts, galleries and museums visits, leisure hiking.

2) How have you found being multilingual beneficial in navigating daily life, cultural interactions, and professional opportunities in Hong Kong, where multiple languages are spoken and valued?

We can think on our feet and spot cultural nuances almost instantly, much quicker than those who only speak 1 language or similar languages.

3) You transitioned from your role as a Recruitment Director into coaching. Can you talk us through the transition process and what sparked your interest in coaching?

I was asked to give advice often, and I thought that was coaching! Of course like most of us we found out after getting training giving advice is not coaching….lol

4) How has your background in recruitment influenced your approach to executive coaching, and what unique insights do you bring to your coaching practice as a result?

The intersection between my background and executive coaching is wonderful because I can think in different shoes easily. That helps me to bring external perspectives or invite my coaching counterpart to think differently naturally.

5) Can you share with us the coaching certifications you possess, and which one holds the most significance for you?

ICF ACC, IECL Team Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach. ICF ACC of course – 3 hours of MC exam!

6) How do you stay updated on industry trends and changes to provide the most relevant guidance to your clients?

Read, discuss, bounce off ideas and stay non-judgemental for my clients. Also I have to keep in mind that it’s my clients’ job to keep abreast of what they do.

7) In today's rapidly changing job market, what advice do you offer to individuals looking to advance their careers or make career transitions?

Manage Your Career By Design, Not By Default: See the whole picture, look up instead of having your head down. Things are no longer as obvious and opaque as before. It requires a lot of mindfulness and preparation to make ourselves relevant and got sought after in the job market.

8) Can you discuss the role of self-assessment and reflection in the coaching process, and how do you guide clients through this introspective journey?

Change doesn’t happen unless we reflect on our actions, I customize my approach for my clients, some like it directive, some like it supportive.

9) With the increasing importance of soft skills in the workplace, how do you incorporate skill development and personal branding into your coaching sessions to help clients stand out in their careers?

Facts and figures, sharing, our insights gathered from our work can all be incorporated in our questions.

10) Lastly, what advice would you give to individuals who are hesitant about seeking coaching assistance or unsure of its value?

Celine Dion has a vocal coach, and Olympic athletes all have coaches. It’s not about whether coaching has value or not, it’s about what our clients are looking for and how open-minded they are to work with professionals.

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About the Author:

Lisa Singh is an Australian, living with her family in the beautiful South Pacific. As Coach Business Partner Lead for BOLDLY, Lisa's team screen and onboard coaches onto our global marketplace, then enable the matching and engagement process so that coaches can do what they do best: deliver exceptional coaching journeys to our coachees. Lisa is a trained nurse, and her role with BOLDLY she loves meeting top coaches and promoting their work for a win:win. Connect with Lisa here:

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