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How much does BOLDLY cost and what do I need to pay for coaching?

February 2, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

BOLDLY is a global coach marketplace, and as such it reflects the free and open market for coaching rates in each of the local economies we deliver coaching to. For this reason, the hourly rates established by BOLDLY coaches are determined at the coaches' discretion, based on their skills, credentials, and knowledge of their local benchmarks.

BOLDLY often gives recommended rate cards to coaches and clients alike so they can establish their expectations for a coaching "bundle". This coaching bundle will include the whole engagement solution, for example any assessment costs, the number of hours a coaching engagement is recommended for, and the BOLDLY fee. For example, a coaching bundle may include:

  • Assessment tool and debrief cost
  • Coach hourly rate x coaching #hours
  • BOLDLY engagement fee and % margin on success

When a client registers an engagement on BOLDLY, they input the expected bundle, and will search for coaches who fit within their budgeted hourly rate. Once a coach selection has been made, the client has the chance to adjust the bundle, as through the chemistry meetings with the successful coach, a more accurate recommendation can be made regarding the need for assessment and the number of coaching hours needed to make an impact on the coachee's development goals. The client will make a final agreement to define the bundle before signing off on the whole engagement cost. 

BOLDLY charges an engagement listing fee to ensure serious clients gain access to our coach database. If the client decides not to move ahead with their coaching engagement for any reason, this engagement listing fee is not refundable. Only upon searching for and confirming a successful coach, and confirming the bundle details, will the client be charged for the coach's hourly rate + a BOLDLY margin. This margin covers quality control, marketplace access, engagement resources, billing and other business services. Further details of our billing can be found in the Agreement between Company and BOLDLY on the marketplace. 

Please reach out to with questions.  

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