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Building a High Potential Female Leaders Program for a Major Gaming Company in China

November 8, 2023

Posted by BOLDLY

In an era when diversity and inclusion have become key focal points for organisations worldwide, our client, a major gaming company with properties across China, recognised the need to cultivate female leadership talent within its ranks. The gaming industry, like many tech-related fields, has historically had a significant gender disparity in leadership roles. The percentage of female leaders in the gaming industry globally is relatively low, typically described as being less than 20%. However, this gaming giant had fewer than 14% female leaders. In the face of these statistics, this company saw the need to engage its future female leaders more proactively to ensure a succession of leadership potential. The company embarked on the journey to create a High Potential Female Leaders Program to empower and advance the careers of women in the gaming industry. This case study explores the program's goals, outcomes, and future enhancements.

Program Goals:

  • Cultivate Female Leadership Talent: The primary goal of the program was to identify and nurture female employees with leadership potential, helping them ascend through the ranks and take on key roles within the organisation.
  • Promote Gender Diversity: The program aimed to increase gender diversity within leadership positions and address the existing gender gap prevalent in the gaming industry.
  • Enhance Leadership Skills: The program focused on developing leadership competencies, including communication, decision-making, and strategic thinking, to prepare female leaders for higher-level roles.
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Program Implementation:

  • Identification and Selection: To identify potential participants, BOLDLY undertook a thorough evaluation process that considered both the performance and leadership potential of females across the business from several BU’s. This involved assessing current skills and competencies through both performance data and assessment tools, as well as a thorough review of sponsor nominations.
  • Mentorship and Coaching: Each participant was assigned a mentor from the company's existing leadership team. This mentorship was designed to offer guidance, support, and a channel for personalised development. Additionally, external leadership coaches were brought in through the BOLDLY marketplace to provide further coaching and guidance over a period of 6 months.
  • Training and Development: The development program included specialised leadership training sessions focusing on areas like conflict resolution, negotiation skills, and strategic thinking. Female mentorship topics involved having participants attend industry-related conferences to strengthen their networks.
  • Networking and Exposure: Participants were provided with opportunities to interact with senior executives, attend industry events, and take on high-impact projects to increase their visibility and build crucial networks.
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Program Outcomes:

1. Promotion of Gender Diversity: The program resulted in a noticeable increase in the number of women in leadership roles within the company. Over the course of five years, the percentage of female leaders in the organisation increased from 13.5% to 21%.

2. Enhanced Leadership Competencies: Program participants reported significant growth in their leadership skills. The company noticed improved decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking abilities among these female leaders.

3. Improved Employee Engagement: The program had a positive impact on overall employee engagement. Seeing more women in leadership positions created a more inclusive and diverse workplace, enhancing the company's reputation.

4. Positive Company Image: The company's commitment to fostering female leadership talent was well-received both internally and externally. This reputation boost helped in attracting top talent and improving brand perception.

Future Enhancements:

To ensure the continued success and growth of the High Potential Female Leaders Program, the company has worked with BOLDLY to deliver several enhancements:

1. Expanded Mentorship and Coaching: The company plans to expand the mentorship and coaching components of this program, partnering with BOLDLY to deliver ongoing mentoring skills to leaders and continuing to expand the coaching pool to provide individualised support to participants.

2. Regular Program Evaluation: Periodic assessments have been conducted over the 5 years since program inception to review the program's effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and adapt to changing industry trends and leadership requirements.

3. Intersectionality and Inclusivity: Future iterations of the program will consider intersectionality and focus on inclusivity, ensuring that women from various backgrounds and experiences are given equal opportunities.

4. Sustainability: The company aims to make the program sustainable, embedding diversity and inclusion practices into its corporate culture. This includes continuous leadership training for all employees, promoting ongoing growth and development.

5. Community Involvement: The program will encourage participants to engage with local communities and educational institutions to inspire more women to consider careers in the gaming industry.

The High Potential Female Leaders Program implemented by this major gaming company in China successfully achieved its goals of promoting female leadership, increasing gender diversity, and enhancing leadership skills. With continued enhancements and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, the program is poised to create a lasting positive impact on the organisation and the gaming industry as a whole.

The ongoing commitment to gender diversity by this esteemed gaming company, in tandem with BOLDLY's expert coaching and mentorship, signifies a forward-thinking approach to leadership in the fast-evolving gaming industry. Their emphasis on continuous growth, inclusivity, and societal engagement sets a standard for others to follow. It is evident that when companies make strategic investments in their talent, as in female leadership coaching, they not only bolster individual careers but also pave the way for industry-wide advancements. If you're seeking to elevate your organisation's leadership potential and embrace a vision for a more inclusive future, connect with us at connect@BOLDLY.app. Together, we can craft programs tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations and create more inspirational female leaders.