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Unlock your HR team's career counselling skills to effectively support employee growth and organisational development.

  • Career Counseling Skills for HR

    Does your HR team know how careers really work? Along with your managers, HR are usually at the frontline of critical, personal career decisions for staff. Understanding how to counsel your people through career planning is a core skill, and we're here to help. HR are often the first line of counsel when it comes to career decision making. Often a Professional Coach, Mentor, Sponsor, Boss or Trainer will also be involved, however the HR Partner becomes the ‘hub’ in this wheel of professionals supporting staff through their goal planning, development and performance cycles. And yet, HR don’t always feel like they’re experts in ‘how careers work’ – how do career decisions actually get made? What is the best development opportunity? Does a good boss do more for your career than an overseas secondment, or visa versa?

  • To be able to give good counsel, and therefore impact staff careers appropriately, HR should be confident in modern career dynamics and understand their resources. We work closely with your HR team through a series of workshops and practical exercises to illuminate career pathways, discuss their real-life career management cases, and support the crafting of career narrative within your organisation.

  • We deep-dive into the career themes of Female Leaders, General Managers, and Early-Careers rotational programs, and can co-create content to delve into the careers of other strategic talent populations to suit your organisation.

    We facilitate a series of workshops, with practical exercises and a comprehensive career counselling handbook for HR to use, in line with your existing talent templates and practices.
    • 3 OR 6 month program
    • Practical, hands-on exercises
    • Delivered online, in peer cohorts
    • Handbook for career counseling
  • Program Journey

  • Case Study

    How Mastering HR Career Counselling Skills Results in a Thriving Workplace

    When your HR team has strong career counselling skills you can actively foster employee growth and satisfaction. Discover the effectiveness of this approach through the case study presented below.

    “This was challenging material to take on, because it’s so broad and encompasses everything about careers. It was hard to connect all the dots at some points, until it all of a sudden made sense. Now I see the careers of my team, and my own career, in a new light. The tools were really practical.” Head of People and Culture

    Managing PerformanceThe Need
    The client sought to build an HR team with the skills to ‘triage’ career development conversations, and connect high-potential talent with mentors, sponsors and coaches effectively. The goal was to impact retention, engagement and also to ensure the right internal talent was being connected with key role openings. Across a large organization HR needed to play a more active role in prompting and encouraging internal promotions, and getting the right career development resources aligned to key talent.
    Managing PerformanceThe Insight
    Human resources (HR) professionals are typically knowledgeable about career-related matters, including talent management, career development, and organizational structures. However, the extent of their understanding and expertise can vary based on their training, experience, and ongoing professional development. Specifically, as the world of work is changing quickly, some HR struggle to stay up to date on the micro and macro factors impacting career decision making, and even need more specific training to understand job functions and internal careers pathways. This isn’t unusual, and training to bring the HR team into alignment on these topics can be important.

    It's important to note that HR professionals play a crucial role in creating and maintaining a supportive work environment, fostering career growth opportunities, and implementing policies and programs that promote employee development. They work closely with managers, employees, and leaders to align individual goals with organizational objectives and facilitate career progression. For many HR, continuously fine tuning their understanding of when to apply coaching versus mentoring or training, and how to work closely with key talent on career planning, is an ongoing learning journey.

    While HR professionals may not possess the same level of expertise as specialized career coaches or dedicated counsellors, they contribute to employees' career journeys within the context of their organizational roles. They need to know the companies talent frameworks and career pathways and leaderships philosophy about “what talent looks like” insight out, so they can play the critical role of partnering with individuals not just during formal review cycles, but in the de-structured moments when career insights happen.
    Managing PerformanceThe Solution
    BOLDLY's career counselling workshops for HR were designed to impact coaching culture, ensuring HR could identify coaching needs, but also tailor career conversations to their own job families. Our course is 75% off the shelf and 25% customized to the organization's key roles and business strategy. We’ve partnered with some of APAC’s premier brands to understand their internal careers landscapes, map career pathways and ensure these are relayed to the whole HR organisation in a way that calibrates how careers are managed across business units and geographies.
    Managing PerformanceThe Result
    1. HR and the broader leadership team have developed comprehensive career development conversations, supporting key talent.
    2. Initial reporting demonstrates a clear year-on-year impact on retention and engagement, particularly post-COVID.
    3. All HR within this client have undertaken the comprehensive training and been aligned subsequently to high potential talent within their business units for ongoing career counseling conversations.
    4. The organisation was able to demonstrate alignment between their career counselling, coaching culture, mentoring and training initiatives to showcase a comprehensive strategy for engagement and staff development, utilizing internal HR resources effectively and impacting internal skills.