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What should I expect to pay for coaching?

February 13, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

You can search for a variety of Coaches on BOLDLY according to your budget.

Coaching rates are typically charged per hour, and are bought in ‘bundles’ of 3, 6 or 9 sessions.

If you're hiring a coach for the first time, or perhaps just in a new market, you might not know what you're expecting to pay. Coaching pricing is related to several factors:

  • Level of coachee - an executive coach will charge more than a professional career coach, for example.
  • Geography - different markets have different coaching rates, based on the supply and demand of coaches, and the strength of the general economy.
  • Languages - any specific language skills can increase the hourly rate of the coach.
  • Industry knowledge - specific work experience can impact rates, for example, experience in legal firms or management consulting can increase pricing.
  • Coach qualifications - the more qualified a coach is, and the more experienced in coaching, the higher their rate. 

Some things are arbitrary to pricing, such as whether the engagement is delivered online or face to face, or both. 

Case by case, you can expect to pay for coaching in a 'bundle' as follows:

(Number of coaching hours X coaching hourly rate) + assessment cost + coaching margin %

To get coaching rate cards for your local market, please contact your BOLDLY Coach Business Partner to discuss your engagement and the expected coach rate in your case:

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