The Career Path For You, With Natalie Arnold

The Career Path For You, With Natalie Arnold

February 16, 2021

Posted by Alex Lamb

THE REAL WORK: The Career Path For You, With Natalie Arnold

Natalie Arnold is Founder of Fly into July, motivating and encouraging people all around the world to count their daily steps during the month of July, and raising funds for other not-for-profits year-round.

Fly into July is a passion born out of her global experience in events management at the highest levels - including the Olympics, Rugby World Cup and Commonwealth Games amongst other high profile events!

Natalie has had an exceptional career, building a global reputation for spectator experiences, however, she kindly delved deeper into her early career with us in this podcast, sharing advice with early-stage professionals considering their career pathways.

Natalie is a great example of someone who has set high goals and achieved them with determination and independence, while not missing a moment of fun!

She hasn't always taken the traditional pathway, which has just added to the richness of her journey.

Her decisions to move overseas as a young adult, take on project-based work with an international move every few years, and to pick up study via distance education at a later career stage, have all contributed to the adventures she's had and the wisdom she's accumulated - and her career and contribution have a long way to go with her next chapter underway in Australia!

She's a wholehearted person and shares her career decision making generously.

Listen and enjoy as we learn from Natalie.