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Inclusion in Visual Culture and Heritage Workplaces with Dr. Sophie Frost

February 3, 2021

Posted by Alex Lamb

THE REAL WORK: Inclusion in Visual Culture and Heritage Workplaces with Dr. Sophie Frost

Dr. Sophie Frost is an interdisciplinary scholar of Visual Culture, Creative Industries and Museum Studies, based in London. She is currently Research Fellow on the AHRC ‘One by One UK-US’ project, which focuses on the role of digital in museums, led by the School of Museum Studies at University of Leicester.

Sophie also works as a freelance consultant for a range of arts and heritage organisations, including Southbank Centre, Freelands Foundation and Greenham Control Tower.

In 2020, Sophie presented Voices of the Royal Pavilion & Museums, a three-series podcast going behind the scences at Brighton & Hove’s museum service, now available on iTunes and Spotify.

This conversation touches on how some of the most important social movements of our time are happening in private, between individuals & small groups. Sophie is making space for more voices through her amazing work!

In this discussion we touch on:

  • Finding role models in real life and fiction
  • Dreaming about equality of education access at every level of society
  • Arts in curriculum
  • Imagining alternative pathways and careers - caring about work, and being able to step away
  • Being an activist in workplace cultures
  • Careers in academics and freelance work
  • Enabling fearlessness in other women
  • Experimenting with the podcast form!