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Accelerated TA In 5 Steps

January 16, 2020

Posted by Rebecca Grover

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To deliver accelerated business growth, talent acquisition (TA) needs to make rapid impact. Hiring velocity, sustainable talent pools & hire quality are all critical to achieving strategic business goals.

Hiring the right people at the right time is imperative for any business, however many of the HR & Talent Leaders I’ve spoken with recently feel they’re facing tradeoffs in TA; too much focus on hiring velocity can impact hire quality, and when quality becomes a foremost goal, there’s a risk to time-to-fill.  

They find themselves asking: what’s worse for our company – the cost of a swift but bad hiring decision, or the impact of an empty seat on revenue/growth!?

Through my experience in designing acceleration programs for clients, I know first-hand that businesses and TA teams don’t need to compromise.  Material impact comes down to alignment, forward planning and a multifaceted mobilization strategy.


Any accelerated TA program needs upfront preparation to help define exactly what’s required.  Reflecting on previous success stories, I’ve identified that accelerated impact was realized quicker as a result of structured due diligence; ‘Assess’ > ‘Plan’ > ‘Listen’ > ‘Evaluate’.

So, you’re on the back foot, how can you easily pivot to adopt a more strategic approach to talent acquisition?

The answer is, dedicate resource to this agenda!  Investing in the right resource and developing a focused acceleration strategy that you can later evaluate/dovetail BAU activities into, ensures you strike that balance between current/future hiring velocity and hire quality, without causing operational disruption.

If hiring budgets hinder your ability to leverage any of these 5 steps, you can still keep pace with an accelerated business growth plan by just shifting your talent acquisition approach (and mindset);

  • Identify and clarify mission critical roles for achieving business strategy and articulate essential requirements for future success – forecast & talent pool against this,
  • Further strengthen by aligning capability needs across all talent segments to help shape a proactive and holistic talent pipelining strategy,
  • Offer differentiating value-add services geared towards competitive impact and local market responsiveness,
  • Look holistically and adopt intentional approaches that target required capability – international, cross sector, feeder positions, early career programs,
  • Look internally and identify upward/lateral potential,
  • Protect talent you bring into your organization and close the back door!

Next post; ways to ‘Modernize’ talent acquisition for commercial impact.

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