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How Are BOLDLY Coaches Screened?

January 26, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

BOLDLY coaches are screened according to their credentialsexperiences, and competencies. Coaches globally sign up to the BOLDLY marketplace to submit their profiles for vetting and review - once we have initial client interest in a profile, we then undertake a thorough screening of the profile, including profile review and citing accreditations, references from previous clients and coachees, ethics test, behavioural interview and onboarding. Through a thorough screening process, we get to know our coaches, and then continue to build our knowledge of their professionalism, skills and style through ongoing net promoter scores and client feedback. 

Credentials: while not all BOLDLY coaches are ICF or EMCC accredited, we review formal coach training and encourage all coaches to take a pathway of credentialing. We offer paid supervisors to support the credentialing process, and regularly post blogs and reference materials outlining our position on the importance of global governance and standards for coaching. E.g. Why You Should Want A Qualified Coach.

Experiences: through our interview process, we review the professional history of the coach, including their coaching experiences and any other vocational expertise. Most coaches come to the profession later in their careers, and have benefitted from early vocational experience, often in leadership roles. This experience is essential for BOLDLY to understand as it can impact coach credibility and chemistry. While not essential, we look for coaches who have worked with multinational clients, and who have cross-cultural exposure, to ensure they're able to quickly add value for our international client base of coachees. 

Competencies: BOLDLY has a competency model against which we assess coaches for their situational judgement, agility, and past experience to predict their future coaching performance. Through behavioural interviews and online tests, we assess our BOLDLY coaches for:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Understanding Others
  • Customer Focus AND Focus on Results
  • Action Orientation
  • Functional & Technical Skills
  • Self Awareness
  • Ongoing Learning
  • Ethical Practice

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