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How Am I Vetted by BOLDLY?

January 26, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

The BOLDLY marketplace was established for corporate clients to buy coaching services from qualified professional coaches, meeting the same coaching standards globally. For this reason, clients look to BOLDLY to ensure coaches have met our standard of vetting, before moving forward to a chemistry meeting. 

BOLDLY has several stages of vetting, including:

  • Ethics activity - demonstrating your situational judgement 
  • Accreditations check - showing proof of your credentials and assessment tools
  • Onboarding - a small group session where we align on our service expectations and get to know you
  • References - we ask you to connect us with past coaching clients for their comments, and once you're working on the BOLDLY marketplace, we'll collect feedback from the clients and coachees you gain with us too.

For our strategic coaching pools and large-scale coaching projects, we also conduct:

  • Behavioural interviews - where we ask you deeper questions about your coaching experiences so we can understand your coaching approach and benchmark you to the industry
  • Client-specific selection and onboarding - depending on the needs of the client, we may conduct additional vetting and ensure you're aligned to the coaching pool requirements

Your BOLDLY Coach Business Partner is there to work with you at each step of the vetting process, so you know what to expect. We only conduct advanced vetting once you have initial interest from clients on the marketplace, to ensure your time is respected. For this reason, we encourage you to ensure your profile is as comprehensive and attractive as possible, representing your authentic coaching style, and including all of the keywords that denote your work. This will ensure your profile comes up in the right searches for our clients, and increases your chances of being invited to a chemistry meeting. 

Reach out here with any questions regarding vetting:

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