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Characteristics of Great Mentors

January 11, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

What makes a great Mentor?

  • Possessing Critical Self Awareness
  • Ability to think conceptually eg. identifying patterns or connections between obviously unrelated situations 
  • Practice active listening and facilitate the development of insight without imposing personal views 
  • Asking powerful questions that stimulate deep thinking 
  • Assist individuals in building long-standing ethical networks of resources which may be helpful in achieving professional goals
  • Relates and works effectively within a cross-cultural context
  • Builds commitment in self and others around strategic objectives that enhance the broader goals of the organizations
  • Ability to guide by giving context (providing just enough information to allow individuals to find new perspectives and solutions on their own), rather than giving advice (often is generally far less helpful than the giver thinks)
  • Models collective success rather than individual success

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