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What happens once I have been selected for an engagement?

February 13, 2024

Posted by BOLDLY

Once you've been selected for an engagement, the following will happen:

  • The engagement 'bundle details' will be confirmed by BOLDLY. You'll know the coaching timeline, the number of hours/sessions you're approved for, your agreed hourly rate, any assessment included in the engagement etc. We'll make sure all the details are confirmed up front!
  • You'll then be put in touch with the coachee directly to arrange your first meeting. We can help kick this off by coordinating diaries if this is helpful, but you'll essentially have direct access to communicate with the coachee from here on. 
  • We suggest you prep by reviewing your case notes, getting any background reading done to prepare for the industry, culture, and specific research into the known themes of the case, and start prepping your workspace for your case conceptualisation. 
  • BOLDLY will release periodic check-in surveys to see how both you and the coachee are perceiving progress, and we're always here when you need to reach out:
  • As you complete each coaching session, log your time in your own personal method, and invoice BOLDLY no more than monthly.
  • At the completion of the engagement, we'll reach out to you and the coachee for your final comments on the goal acquisition and general feedback, and your recommended next steps for continued development. At this time, we'll ask the coachee to give you a review, and you'll have the choice for this to be displayed on your profile. 

SO! We're here to help you with key service moments, and to collaborate with the client to ensure consistent reporting, traction and quality, but the 'content' of the coaching conversation is between you and the coachee, determined by their goals and needs. You can reach out to us if you need help with coaching methodology, an ethical challenge, or if you feel the case requires you to take on supervision. We're here to work with you:

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