Find new depths in your yoga practice

My first ice cream.

Yoga was listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.

Each yoga practitioner is an individual, and each one of us needs different care. Working together with an experienced yoga teacher offers the possibility to rise our practise to a whole new level.

Whether it is the alignment of asanas or being able to set the focus of the class, we all have our own struggles and goals. Some of these cannot be addressed in a regular class of twenty yogis. Working together with the experienced yoga teachers from Yogatime, you can together create just the right class for you.

Are you a yoga teacher?

Yogatime offers you a platform through which you can reach thousands of yoga practitioners. Offering private yoga classes through Yogatime offers you a possibility to grow your customer base and earn some extra income on top of your regular classes.

Create your own marketplace like Yogatime

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